I’m looking for a 2D artist to help out with the february entry for One Game A Month. My next project will require more complicated artwork than the first, and is beyond my limited graphical abilities. I’m specifically looking for the following types of artwork:

  • Able to create 2D tiles for a grid-like map.
  • Able to create animations for 2D characters and objects.

I am not necessarily looking for an experienced artist, all I care about is that you have enthusiasm for game development!

If you are interested, please contact me by e-mail (lastritesgames@gmail.com) or twitter (@LastRitesGames). I can also often be found on the official #1gam IRC channel on FreeNode (user LastRitesGames). Or just leave a message here.

Looking forward to working together!


A big thank you to Nick Vecellio for making the sounds for Coatl!

My first One Game A Month entry Coatl has been released! You can download it here.

The first game I am making for One Game A Month is Coatl, a snakes-type game. It is written in C++, using SDL and features a completely different randomly generated map every game. The purpose of the game will be to collect as many apples as possible, while your snake grows in size and speeds up. But beware of other snakes that are roaming around the map!

Here is a first look at the game:

Coatl : First look

Coatl : First look

I will be joining the One Game A Month challenge in 2013. On this blog you will find all information about the games I’ll be making, hopefully completing 12 (or maybe more) games by the end of 2013!